About Teddi

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Hi, I’m Teddi (insert waving hand emoji)! I’m a 24 year old with a fiery passion for my handsome husband, my baby girl, snow cones, and pizza. Like how food comes right after my child? I did say fiery passion.

If you stick around long enough, which I hope you do, you’ll discover that I’m passionate about a lot of things. I don’t like to stick myself into a niche-I’m slightly claustrophobic. Im a self-diagnosed word vomiter which basically means I talk a lot and like to share EVERYTHING. I have a bachelors in Human Development and am obsessed with learning about behavior. I have developed a fierce love for Autism awareness. I’m sometimes silent, but am more often an enthusiastic shouter about mental health education. And I am growing an appreciation for health and fitness.

But more often than not I just like to share my thoughts and ideas. My life has dealt me many experiences, which I realize many of you share, and I want to connect with you. I feel incredibly fulfilled when I have one of those conversations where someone says, “Me too.” or “I thought I was the only one.” or when new ideas are presented and you get a, “I had never thought of that!” These are the conversations I go to bed thinking about, hoping for more to come later.  Fingers crossed that we get to have lots of these conversations.

I hope you find validation, a deep breath, an overdue smile, and whatever else it is that might bring you here.

So much love,